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Female literacy rate in Pakistan is unfortunately very low and has always been a cause of concern for those who envision a progressive nation. Lack of female education in Pakistan has resulted in a society bound in shackles of ignorance, poverty and disease.
Educated females lead to an educated nation. Education is a fillip towards emancipation, enlightenment, empowerment and prosperity. An educated society enjoys developed human resources and raised standards of living.
For majority of girls in the villages, access to schools is difficult or impossible. Often the school is not within a convenient walking distance. Lack of sanitary facilities, poor quality of education and scarcity of female teachers also discourage girls from attending school.

As an American woman living in Pakistan this past summer, I was accustomed to reading about the troublesome state of affairs in the country and receiving regular warnings about my personal security a. Nonetheless, I was eager to venture outside of Islamabad and immerse myself in the "real" Pakistan. I jumped at the opportunity to visit Mubarika Campus, a school located in poor farming village in the Sialkot district of Punjab province, about 10 Kilometers from the border with India. The long drive through remote farmland and dirt roads was well worth it.


From: Nadir Minhas,

My brother, Sikander, was at Mubarika Campus on Friday, February 11th. He was there to speak with the students about their needs.

He had the honor of meeting a student by the name of "Saba Sarwar." TCF (The Citizens Foundation) will soon have 725 schools. The students to date are 92,000 and will soon reach 100,000. Among all these schools and students, Saba scored the highest scores in her matriculation (National High School Examination). I am attaching a letter she wrote when she met my brother. FYI: FSc, as mentioned in her letter, stands for the first 2 years of college.


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