About Us

The small farming village of WAZIRPUR-MARRARA is located 10 kilometers from Pakistan's border with India, in the Sialkot district of Punjab. The area is rampant with poverty where the majority of the villagers are subsistence farmers or landless farm labor. The female literacy rate of the area is very low and more than 90% of the female population is illiterate. There is an only one government run girl school in the area. With insufficient capacity, the school is housed in a ramshackle building of only four rooms without a boundary wall. Greater distance, lack of transport, and inability of the parents to meet the school expenses are other factors contributing to female illiteracy in the area.

Maj. (Retd) Nawaz Ahmad Minhas and his wife Salma Akhtar Malik have been regular visitors to the village since childhood. Both their mothers were from this village. This husband-wife duo, upon realizing the difficulties of the villagers, decided to establish a girls high school in the area. With a view to achieving their objectives for the benefit of the local population, the couple purchased 6.5 acres of land and commenced construction of the school in 2005. The first phase of construction was completed in July 2006 and the first batch of students was inducted the same year.
Named after Nawaz's late mother Mubarika- this school currently has 700 students on its rolls already, and is operating at maximum capacity. The school is centrally located to reduce the traveling distance for the surrounding villagers. The two sons of Nawaz and Salma, Nadir Minhas and Sikander Minhas played a key role in organizing the Design and Management of the construction of this school.  Nadir and Sikander have taken over the responsibilities of Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively of the Mubarika Trust. It is expected that being young and keen, they will go a long way in the development of future plans relating to providing quality education to the underprivileged.