We learned of some great projects started by individual efforts in Pakistan toward the educational front. Among these  was the Mubarika Campus which we have had the opportunity to see up close. Additionally, we realized that Mubarika Campus and many other similar organizations in the Pakistani region are struggling and their sustainability is under jeopardy.  These cannot be kept alive without assistance. Although, many US organizations are working toward the educational empowering cause generously, a lot more effort needs to be inducted. Our inspiration drew from Mubarika Campus, which opened our eyes to many malnourished organizations. We plan to make efforts in assisting them . 

Team Members:

Almaz Negash
(Managing Partner & Founder, Entwine Global)

Almaz Negash consults businesses and educational institutions on international trade, marketing, economic development and sustainability.  Over the last fifteen years she has helped build and foster countless, vital strategic relationships between a diverse set of individuals and organizations around the world. Serving at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Almaz had the opportunity to further her expertise in connecting, former head of states, business and community leaders, individuals and organizations from varied backgrounds to critical global challenges. Almaz went from advising firms and governments on how to increase their bottom lines through trade and joint partnerships at SVCITD, to the often times much more difficult task of bringing individuals from different countries, cultures, and educational backgrounds together to share common goals and objectives at the Markkula Center.

She is co-founder of the Global Women Leadership Network at the Leavey School of Business at SCU and a co author of the book Awakening Social Responsibility.  She writes and speaks on regional and global issues.  
Almaz envisions herself helping Mubarika Childrens Foundation with fundraising, creating awareness, and providing guidance for the long term and sustainable growth of the organization.
Bridget Blomfield
Bridget Blomfield is an assistant professor of Religious Studies at University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO). She is also the director of the newly funded Islamic Studies program at UNO. Dr. Blomfield is part of a team that combines religion, history, political science and international studies to develop a program for undergraduates eliciting students from multiple disciplines. Dr. Blomfield also works closely with local interfaith groups. She recently taught The Abrahamic Faiths in Dialogue and with support from the Trifaith Initiative in Omaha she and her students made a film about interfaith dialogue. Dr. Blomfield was an active participant in the Difficult Dialogue series funded by the Ford Foundation. These events focused on multiple issues regarding race and religion and involved local and International students. She is the co-owner of two Montessori children's schools in Omaha. Her love of children and her commitment to education has spurned her to contribute to numerous schools and orphanages abroad.
Huma Zafar
Huma Zafar has graduated from Mercer University in December 2008, with a Masters in Business Administration and an undergraduate degree in Marketing and Servant Leadership. Huma has been working with ARAMARK Higher education since 2000, moving her way up in the company from an intern to a District Market Manager. In her role she currently covers a territory that encompasses Middle and South Georgia and South Alabama. She is directly responsible for the sales, marketing activities and PR for 15 Universities and Colleges in the South. She is based in Atlant, GA.
Huma moved to the US in 2000 to pursue further education, but has lived in Islamabad, Pakistan most of her life. In her visits to Pakistan she has volunteered at summer programs in schools and interned with Gallup Inc. Education is a passion, and having had the opportunity to study abroad on scholarships, she recognizes the importance of modern education for the underpriveleged in Pakistan. She believes that the right to good education should not be a financial or emotional challenge for parents or children, rather it should be an accessible means to better the future of all and slowly end the poverty cycle.
Committed, caring and compassionate, changing even one child's future, will change her own.
Nadir Minhas
Nadir Minhas graduated from San Jose State University in May 2008 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Finance.  He joined Abundant Biofuels Corporation, based out of Monterey, California in September of the same year and has been groomed by his more senior colleagues to be responsible for Business Development.  During his years in college, he was successful in becoming a representative to an offshore-based Construction Company. 
He has had International Real Estate sales experience and purchased construction equipment on behalf of Kingcrete Builders.  He also started a textile import Business in a partnership based out of Los Angeles, California.  
Furthermore, in his college days he was Director of Alumni Relations with the Financial Management Association. Nadir is the Co-Founder of WikiPartners LLC, which owns WSJ is a web based marketing platform for businesses based in the South Bay Area of California.  In addition, has has been recognized as the chairman of a non-profit school for girls in rural Pakistan, which is run by The Citizens Foundation, the largest Pakistani Non-Profit. Nadir has a passion for Alternate Energy and for providing education to the underprivileged in third world countries.  He believes that combining the two causes, "energy for all" and "education for all" is the answer to the current global crisis on all fronts. He is fluent in English, Urdu, and Punjabi. 
Nadir has successfully completed Project Management Mastery at Stanford University.