Floor Plans


The school consists of twenty four classrooms of size 32 ft x 24 ft, 12 class rooms at each level, with 10 feet wide corridors opening into an inner courtyard measuring 91 feet by 55 feet, providing ample space for outdoor activities and sports. Each classroom accommodates 35 students. Due to shortage of funds, insulation against heat was preferred over plaster and paint works in the interior of the building.


The administrative block consists of principal's office, accounts office, admin office, meeting room, staff room, kitchen, toilets and storeroom. The total area covered by administrative block including corridors and circulation is 3000 sft.


The school also caters for other facilities like library, canteen, dispensary, bookshop, common toilet blocks and play ground. The total constructed area of the school is 60,000 sft.


The school also caters for other facilities like canteen, dispensary,bookshop and common toilet blocks.

Area Schedule Front Elevation Campus Plan Education Block
Education Block Existing Ground Floor Furniture Ground Floor Proposed Ground Foor
Existing First Floor Furniture First Floor Proposed First Floor