One Million Lights Prize Distribution

September 22, 2012 

The Mubarika Campus team hosted a large event, perhaps the largest since the opening of the school, to recognize students’ efforts and share how lucky they are to have friends across the world. One Million Lights worked with Oakville Middle School to help Mubarika Campus team raise $3400, and shipped 200 solar powered lights for Mubarika Campus school children.

In early September, our team brainstormed over the best possible way to distribute the lights and choose students in a fair manner. Ultimately, it was decided to hold an essay writing contest for the higher classes and an art competition for the juniors. The topics selected were: ‘The Need for Education’, ‘Effects of Pollution’ and ‘My School Mubarika Campus.’

What surprised us the most was the zeal with which our students participated! We had demonstrated the light as an incentive, prior to announcing the competition. Our children were thrilled to earn an opportunity to win a light that will help them and their families. From each class, 10 students were selected for their essays and artwork, by the teachers and the Principal. A team of 30 visitors joined us on our trip to campus and participated in congratulating the students and handing out prizes.

The team handed out 700 gift bags to the students; each gift bag comprised of a healthy snack, juice, cookie, a Mubarika Campus notebook and coloring pencils. The 200 students who won were recognized amongst their peers and a special recognition was given to the teachers by the Regional Head of The Citizen’s Foundation. The children were excited, grateful, energized and the atmosphere on campus was exhilarating.