Student Profiles
  1. Muskan Ikram wants to be a teacher when she grows up. She loves to play cricket and likes watching cartoons. She has a bunch of favourite colours; red, pink, yellow and orange. 

    This confident 7 year old has a gorgeous smile and is a student of class 3. She travels from Marjaal village every day, along with her siblings to Mubarika Campus. Her brother Adil works in their father's shop. She has four sisters and one brother. One of her sister studies in class 7 and an elder one earns a living by making traditional straw baskets.
  1. Mohammad Farhan is 13 years old, he and his sister both travel on a bicycle to reach school every day. It takes them nearly 20 minutes of travelling time from the surrounding village of Agarwaal. Mohammad is a student of class 8 and his sister studies in class 7.

    Mohammad joined school in class four and since then has developed a sharp focus of what he wants from his future, which is either to become a teacher or a doctor. He loves the colour green and pink and enjoys playing with his best friend, Omair. Their favourite pastime is sharing humorous jokes. Mohammad has one brother and three sisters, luckily all of his siblings are getting educated. When it comes to parents, Mohammad sees his father on and off as he is a soldier in the army. His mother is housewife and looks after her children.
  1. Maria Imran is an orphan who lives with her grandmother. She is now 10 years old and has a brother who sacrificed his education to earn an income to support them in a nearby city. In a recent interview, she shared how the school is a positive thing in her life as it makes her happy. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Maria without parents is now able to have an opportunity to improve her own life. She is right now studying in class 3 and with education we will empower her, give her the tools and life skills she needs to survive and break her poverty cycle. Her favourite colours are red, yellow, pink and orange. She enjoys singing, performing talawat (Morning Prayer) and art drawing classes.
  1. Arsalan Mahmood is 14 years old and comes from Marjaal village to study at Mubarika Campus. A student of class 6, Arsalan’s favourite subject is Mathematics. He has three elder sisters who are married and two elder brothers who are daily wage labourers. He is fond of playing cricket with his best friends, Tauseef and Majid. 

    After studying at Mubarika Campus, Arsalan realized his dream was to be an army soldier and serve his country. His father passed away last year and the grief of losing a parent is still fresh in his mind and heart. Even after having to face this huge loss, he will keep getting an education and not give up on his studies. In most scenarios of village life, if the main earning member of the family passes on, the sons become the breadwinners. Mubarika Campus keeps Arsalan positive and upbeat. He is a fighter, he did not have to give up on education and his elder brothers now support him and their mother.
  1. Haseeb Malik is the youngest in his family and lives in Marrara village. He joined Mubarika Campus in 2010, and is now a student of Class 2. He recently witnessed a tragedy in his family; his elder brother was murdered. The trauma of his brother’s death has left a note of quietness in this young seven year old.  Haseeb comes from an impoverished background; the daily meals are somewhat a blur, his neighbours give his family food on and off, but mostly they don’t know where their next meal is coming from. His father expired and his mother stays at home. He has an elder brother who was working in Lahore, supporting the family, but he lost his job.

    Two of Haseeb’s sisters are married and his other two sisters study alongside him, in classes 5 and 6. His best friend’s name is Hamza Yaqoob and his favourite subject is mathematics. Yellow is Haseeb’s favourite colour. For children like Haseeb Malik, acquiring an education at Mubarika Campus means having a chance to find themselves through their life’s struggles and prepare for a future that breaks away their shackles of poverty.