Mubarika Campus’s Role Model Student, Saba
From Champion, Nadir Minhas:

My brother, Sikander, was at Mubarika Campus on Friday, February 11th. He was there to speak with the students about their needs.

He had the honor of meeting a student by the name of "Saba Sarwar." TCF (The Citizen's Foundation) will soon have 725 schools. The students to date are 92,000 and will soon reach 100,000. Among all these schools and students, Saba scored the highest scores in her matriculation (National High School Examination). I am attaching a letter she wrote when she met my brother. FYI: FSc, as mentioned in her letter, stands for the first 2 years of college.

Saba's Letter

Students have requested for a swing; a water cooler; bright paint in the classrooms. The school van drivers have requested for a proper shed for the vans. They leave to other jobs after the morning and then return later when school hours are over, to drive the students home. Since there is only one guard on duty, there have been attempts of car theft and a shed according to them will prevent this.

From Skiander following his visit to Mubarika Campus:
When I met Saba, she gave me a short brief on her life in general. She was one of the first students of Mubarika Campus when it opened it doors in 2006. Shortly before her National High School Examinations in which she managed to secure the highest marks, her father passed away. Since then, her life has been upside down, but she has not given up on her ambition of becoming a doctor.

Her father used to run a small shop that is now being run by the mother and her brothers. She told me she didn't live very far away from the school. I told her I would visit her family on my next trip.

She said she loved her time at Mubarika Campus and still has a lot of friends. I went in to a couple of classrooms where girls were studying hard, preparing for their upcoming exams. I announced in the class, asking who was preparing to break Saba's record. Before I could finish asking the question, all hands went up! Saba is now a role model for all the students of Mubarika Campus.

I gave her prize money, and pledged a 2 year, monthly stripend to help her with her education and books. She could not help, but thank me continuously.

Saba Sarwar & Sikander Minhas at Mubarika Campus in Pakistan